Student Oriented Schools

Good News: We are excited to introduce Student Oriented Schools as a different, revolutionary kind of public education that focuses on the needs and potential genius of each individual student. Much of the material in the following pages recently appeared as a chapter in the book, Fixing Public Education by Anthony Dallman-Jones. The concepts were first introduced in the book Educating for Human Greatness. It is now modified and updated to reflect an important way to change public education from being subject dominated to being student focused and guided by the needs of individual students. In short, it introduces a way to reject standardization and shows how to celebrate and magnify human differences with a diverse, unlimited curriculum. Student Oriented Education, as set forth in this book, accomplishes three revolutionary things: It removes the lid on student learning that prevails with a state-imposed curriculum. It restores teaching as a respected Profession It invites parents to be partners with teachers.

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