Patriot Pages, Liberty Elementary School

Liberty Mission Statement: The mission of Liberty Elementary School is to provide a safe, orderly, learning environment where the "Freedom to Learn Prevails" and to ensure that all strive for excellence. The Patriot Pages are dedicated to the talented children of Liberty Elementary School. Without their creative words and pictures this project would not be the work of art that it is. In addition, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to teachers and staff. You did not lose sight of our end goal and stuck with me throughout this learning process - you are truly the BEST. It is also necessary to thank the Literacy Council at Liberty Elementary School for embracing this endeavor with open arms. I must also acknowledge the support and encouragement of Principal Tom Gifford and Dr. Bet Kotowski for their commitment to "Student Success" and excellence. Lastly, this book could never have come to fruition without the generosity and kindness of publisher Julie Ann Howell and her team at the Peppertree Press. The Patriot Pages is just a small sample of what can be accomplished when the hearts, minds, and imaginations of a community come together. With love, Denise M. Ziemak Liberty Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher