"Sinful" Acts, Sexual Orientation, And Religious Indoctrination

In this well-researched and patiently and passionately put-together book, Dr.Rey gives the reader an insight into "that second part." Insight backed by science. Not your everyday science but one that digs deep into neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neurochemistry - something the author is most qualified to write as he is, among other things, not only a truth-seeker (and a "freethinker," on the side), but also and foremost an accomplished neurologist. He has been in practice for many years, during which he also did extensive research work. He is the proud publisher many scientific papers neurology and neuromuscular disorders. He has also authored several books, scientific and otherwise. This book is highly endorsed. - Alfredo0 I. Custodio, M.D. Physician-Surgeon, Writer, Florissant, Missouri 

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