Steps to Publish

“Our goal in creating the Peppertree Press is to provide a way to get published easily, professionally and successfully.”


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Manuscript Review


The author’s manuscript is thoroughly screened and evaluated before acceptance and is given a full assessment of not only the content, but also the title itself to ensure a universal marketability.

It is the author’s responsibility to give a final copy to the publisher, and it should be ready for copy editing with no additional changes to the copy at this time.


Manuscript Edit and Layout Review

After acceptance, the manuscript is electronically mailed to a team editor, and for the integrity of the author’s work and the Peppertree Press, the manuscript is fully edited for grammatical usage, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Each editor has thirty days to edit the manuscript. After the manuscript is completed, it is sent to the graphic designer for the book layout.


Book Cover Design

While the editor is working on the manuscript, the graphic designer is working on a custom cover for the author’s book.

The author will provide a synopsis of his or her manuscript to the publisher so the graphic designer will have a clear and concise vision of how the book should appear to the consumer.

It is our goal at the Peppertree Press to design each cover and give it that curb appeal so theconsumer will pick up the book and not set it down.


Author's Review


This is not the last step, but the last phase of preparing the author’s book for production. The author will have an opportunity to review an e-mailed galley several times before it is electronically uploaded to the printer for distribution to the online venues.

You will have full say in the cover design, whether it is graphically designed or custom-illustrated by an illustrator/artist. We encourage input from you, the author, so that the cover is created through the assistance of your vision.