Our Services

Cover Art


You have full say in the cover design, whether it is graphically designed or custom-illustrated by an illustrator/artist. We encourage as much input from you, the author, so that the cover is created through the assistance of your vision.


Interior Layout and Design


We utilize the cover-art, applying those elements to your interior to enhance the look of your interior design. Again, we encourage an author’s input from font style to the design of your pages.




Copy editing services are available here at the Peppertree Press, but the copyright is always in the author’s name.


Book Identification


The Peppertree Press assigns the ISBN number and Library of Congress number, and then creates the barcode and sets up the title with our printer.




All our books are distributed worldwide through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Books in Print, and launched on online venues such as: the Peppertree Press, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Books a Million. Please note that all of our published titles are discountable and returnable.




Once your book has been published, we also offer e-book conversion.




Each author’s book royalties are disbursed quarterly, reflecting their online sales.