The Learners of Owamboland, the Children of Twaalulilwa School

This is a true account of an eight week Internship experience in the village of Eenhana, Nambia, Africa. The writing of this book was a true collaborative effort in which raw and disorganized personal experience was translated into a coherent and poignant literary event. In order to effectively relate the graphic experiences of Gina Hutchins Inman during her experiences in Namibia, Africa, the professional services of her paternal aunt Dr.Karen Hutchins Pirnot were solicited. Gina's experiences were brought to Dr. Pirnot in the form of the children's notebooks and drawings as well as Gina's personal visual recollections. In order that readers could appropriately relate to these experiences, personal recollections needed to be transformed into organized experiences and the feelings and thoughts of the African children needed to be interpreted through professionally trained eyes.


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