A Neurologist's Daring Escape from the Steel Cage of Religion, A Long and Arduous Personal Journey to Reality

"Finally, someone came out of the closet, and has the guts to speak his mind. In that closet Dr. Rey happened to walk into, he stumbled upon hypocrisies, contradictions, ironies and paradoxes in religion as well as other skeleton's creepier than the goose-bump-inducing-ones as we hesitatingly touched them for the first time in Anatomy Laboratory during Medical School. Said, 'skeletons' here will be pondered, hotly contested and argued about by people with deep religious convictions, those who have no religion at all, and the ones in-between. Make no bones about it." - Alfredo I. Custodio M.D., Physician-Surgeon-Writer, Florissant, Missouri, Author of "You've Got M@il"

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