Unfolding, Recovering Your Identity After Sexual Intrusion

At twenty-three, away on a Homecoming weekend with an older couple she'd met on a trip to the Holy Land, Lynne never dreamed of being molested by a Christian man and spending a night in fear she'd get raped. But that's exactly where she ended up, and for the next fourteen years, battled shame and anxiety.

How was she supposed to understand God or trust men again when a Christian man did this to her? How could she find peace and calm? Searching for answers, she studied how Jesus related to women in the Bible. Find out what she discovered that helped her find forgiveness and wholeness again.

Unfolding; Recovering Your Identity After Sexual Intrusion gives women practical steps to grieve their abuse, find safety and strength in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and regain their power after they've survived sexual intrusion.

"Beautifully written yet real, raw and down-to-earth, Unfolding is full of candor, wisdom and truth," -Michele Chynoweth, Bestselling Author

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