Rescue Me

Iridessa Star is a college student, works at a diner part time and is being raised in the foster care system in Georgia. She has a little studio apartment and is living her life as best as she can. After a nasty car accident, she meets the man who will forever change her life. What she doesn’t realize is just how much her world is about to change for taking a chance with this man. When her foster brother and best friend finds out that she is dating, he completely loses his cool and tried to destroy Iri. Her life gets thrown into a whirlwind that makes her head spin in more ways than one. She feels like she will never get her feet back on the ground.


Sebastian Gomez is a firefighter and an undercover assassin for the US government. On his one day off, he sees an accident happen right in front of his eyes. He rushes to the scene to help out in anyway he can. When he pulls out a young woman from her car, the look she gives him before she passes out completely immobilizes him. This is the first time in his life that he has ever had a woman look at him that way. He’s used to his crew and the type of parties that they are involved in. This woman knocks him on his ass and makes him realize that there is more out there. After going away for an assignment in Russia, things go horribly wrong for him and his team. He fights with everything he has to get back to his beautiful Iri.

A hot steamy love affair brews between Sebastian and Iri. They can’t seem to stay away from each other nor can they keep their hands to themselves. When they are in the same room together, sparks fly, and fires ignite. With so many people trying to come between Iridessa and Sebastian, from her foster brother to his best friend to a woman obsessed with him. They have to fight with everything they have to make it work to be together after all the dust has settled. Being thrown through so much in so little time is a nightmare for both of them. Both have issues and demons to overcome. Both have to want it bad enough. And both of them have to decide if it is all worth it in the end. Is love really worth it?

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