Seduce Me

Karina Sanchez is a very talented woman who began to work for Bradley & Associates at the tender age of 16. When her father kicked her out of his home for getting pregnant at 14, Karina was forced to live with her grandmother and find a job to be able to raise her son. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the Bradley's is what helped propel her career forward. The Bradley's helped her with her college education and then made her a partner with the firm. Her very first real project comes to her on the heels of her becoming partner with Bradley & Associates. The Gomez Organization is in need of a new building for their expanding empire and hire Mr. Bradley to design and build a new safer place for them to work. Karina is given the opportunity of a lifetime as the head designer on this project. Little does she know just how much this project will end up changing her life!


David Gomez has just taken over his fathers empire. As the oldest son, he was raised to take over The Gomez organization when it was time for his father to retire. The building where the packing house is, is falling apart by the day. David hires Bradley & Associates to build them a better and more modern packing house. He was not expecting the woman he gave an orgasm to with the palm of his hand in a hallway at the local bar to be the one that would walk into his office to design his new place. David is more than happy to have Ms. Sanchez working for him as he still has a major hard on for her. When he tries to have his way with her after their initial meeting, Karina gives him the biggest challenge of his life.

Karina challenges David to Seduce her. It's something that he has never done. Women usually fall at his feet willingly giving themselves to him. Karina is a very reserved woman who is dedicated to building her career and providing for her son. A quick hook-up with a major man whore is the last thing on her mind. Even a long term relationship with any other man other than her son is off the table. All that changes when David takes her challenge and runs with it. The whirlwind romance between David and Karina takes off and heats up day by day. They begin to really fall for each other. But then both of their pasts decide to come back and haunt them both. It begins to take a toll on their relationship and they must decide if all the hurt and anger from the past is really worth the trouble of staying in this amazingly intense relationship!

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