The Rescue

Captain, Ronald Page, a tough, seasoned, Army Ranger is sent out on a rescue mission in the jungles of North Vietnam. This is a mission similar to others he has been on, except this one will change his life forever, in ways he never dreamed of. Can he and his men complete their mission, can they all make it out alive, or will he and his men also have to be rescued? This is a story of survival, friendship, love, deception, betrayal, and espionage, all interwoven and tested to their limits, from the jungles of North Vietnam to the state of Virginia and the Pentagon. There is a spy in the Pentagon Who is it? Is it Ron, his boss, or one of his coworkers? If it I Ron, he would be the perfect spy-a West Point graduate and a decorated war hero. Who would ever suspect him? If it isn't him, who is it? Everyone is a suspect. Does the spy know the Pentagon is looking for him or her? Should the spy ring keep their mole in place or should they up or her out before they are all discovered? How do any of us know how we will react in extremely stressful and dangerous situations or if we can even survive them? If we do survive, in what state of mind will we end up? Who do you trust, who can you trust, or can you trust anyone in this convoluted world in which we live? The world of espionage is complex, devious, and very dangerous, and Ron gets caught right in the middle of it, with no possible way out.