Jesus and the King of Rock and Roll

A young man with a beard and long hair walks along a side road in the light rain. He has an easy smile and beautiful blue eyes. A car passing by with two college boys in it stop and pick up the man. The boys are going to Memphis, Tennessee to the weekend celebration. It is the anniversary of the death of the King of rock and roll; Elvis Presley. The young man decides to ride into the city and find out who is this king. With this his journey has started. He walks through the city the meeting different people and finding out their feelings and thoughts about the King. Why are they there? Why is he a king? The people he meets, they don't know it but their lives are about to change. The story then shifts to New York City. A young man with long hair and a beard is found dead in Central Park. He is lying under a large beautiful tree just wearing an antique, silk purple Robe. He is taken to the morgue and the usual steps are taken. The next day his fingerprints and teeth records are sent out for identification. There's no file anywhere on this man, who is he? Why hasn't anyone claimed the man's body? The Police have no leads. After three days he disappears from the morgue. A TV reporter becomes involved in the story. The beautiful tree dies. Where is this man's family, his loved ones? His picture is shown on national TV. Who is this man? The people that he touched in Memphis realize who is and go to New York. None of these people gathered in New York know each other, but they are about to meet for the first time. Their lives will never be the same.

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