Making Waves, A Novella

"If you can't travel around the world, Richard S. Hillman's novella, Making Waves, is the best thing. Combining travelogue, human interest stories, and a search for meaning in a world rife with inequality and injustice, Hillman has created a deeply compelling story. Bases on a real life educational journey with a ship full of students and professors, this novella explores in beautiful detail various port cities in Latin America, Afrida and Asia. On this eventful trip, the travelers seed to expand their personal universes, sometimes grappling with their inner demons and creating danger for themselves and others Even more important the book explores basic societal matters confronting the protagonists, Josh and Camila, an interracial couple, as they try to make sense of what they are experiencing. Racism, injustice, income inequality, cultural relativism, and the conflict of modernization with traditional societies are just a few of the important issues that are explored in this fine work." Kenneth Schuman

"Making Waves describes fictional characters on an educational voyage around the world. It provides insights and impressions bases on the author's real voyage around the world in 2002. Since I was on that real voyage with the author, I can verify the veracity of the author's impressions, even though some of my experiences were different. The voyage allowed comparisons of conditions in ten different countries. Most striking were the income disparities revealed in the beautiful parts of cities versus the shantytowns in various places. The book is thought-provoking and entertaining." Charles T Hill 

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