In the Hands of Jesus

Around 2008 and onward, during my time attending Unity Church in Marathon, Florida Keys, alongside my partner Carolyn, I conceived a variety of melodies and songs aimed at fostering hope, love, and prayer. This involved referencing not only Jesus but also other spiritual leaders, each with their unique perspectives. I tend to lean towards a more liberal standpoint in terms of my willingness to engage with certain religious preachers who emphasize conservative notions of hell, sin, and damnation, though I've included them in this collection as well. Initially, I grappled with the choice between the titles "In the Hands of Jesus" or "In the Hands of God."

In the process of assembling this compilation of songs and instrumentals, I've also incorporated additional melodies that aren't directly tied to Jesus. My perspective on religion remains open, and I extend my support to all faiths and matters of spiritual enlightenment, except for those that involve worshiping and adoring the devil. My intention is not to pass judgment or preach, recognizing that each individual is on their distinct path to God, a journey shared even by all living creatures, plants, and trees on our planet.

Like everyone else, I face moments of uncertainty as I navigate the multitude of life's mysteries waiting to be explored and embraced. Reading "My Journey Back to God" by Kristen Dickerson served as a source of inspiration, prompting me to not postpone the creation of this collection, especially considering certain medical challenges. Time is of the essence! Alexander

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