Going Knee to Knee with FBI Polygraph

William J. Warner takes you inside the polygraph suite, inside the minds of the polygraph examiner and his subjects. As the tension rises, feel the sweat on the brow, and see the tears drop as conniving perpetrators give up the truth or spin their tales. Experience the villains, victims, and snitches as they fabricate their fibs in efforts to "beat the box" while FBI Special Agent Cy Donovan untangles their webs of deceit through knee-to-knee interview and interrogation tactics commonly practiced throughout the world of polygraph. Warner places the reader in the room as a witness to the dialogue between the good guy and bad guy as the accused sits torn between truth and falsehood. From killers to kidnappers, bank robbers, sexual deviants of every brand, and thugs and thieves alike, Warner practices his trade while hoping to expose them all. Herein are validating stories taken from actual events which compliment the polygraph as an investigative tool, the utility of which is designed to compel the confession despite the embarrassment and humiliation that burdens the soul. WILLIAM J. WARNER retired as a special agent from the FBI in 2012 with over twenty-two years of service. He spent sixteen of those years conducting polygraph examinations and/or managing within the FBI's polygraph program. Warner entered the FBI with a law degree and picked up a master of arts in forensic psychology along the way. Prior to service with the FBI, Warner served as an internal investigator for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Police and did a three-year hitch with the 82nd Airborne Division. He was born and raised in Bryan, Ohio. Other books by this author: HoldUp Number Six, Ohio Boys and Appalachian Impasse.

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