Hoosier Fields, An FBI Crime Story

In October of 1989, among the cornfields of peaceful, law-abiding Indiana farm country, a tractor-trailer rig with three foul-mouthed heathens aboard bears of load of Mexican week from the southwest border of town of Douglas, Arizona. One hundred plus bales are intended for transfer to waiting cartel members. What follows are killings. Shots ring out, and chaos envelops the night and the coming days ahead as an innocent family nearby gets brought into the turmoil.

A startling potential for mayhem engrosses the young family of Max and Evie Rowe for a rendezvous with fate unimaginable. It’s all for the lust of ill-gotten drug money, lost, recovered and hidden. Could the Rowe’s son, J-Willy, his cousins, Boogie and Weasel, have anything to do with it?

Hoosier Fields presents a vivid, unforgettable tale of three twisted desperados, greedy and untrusting of one another, who find themselves in a scheme to recover their payday. Throughout a nine-day saga, the dialogue alone carries the story through in a rich portrayal of contrasting personalities. A true, give-me-more-of-that squabbling-diatribe, the matter resolves itself in a dramatic, intense smoke-filled finish that leaves federal investigators scratching their heads and the reader wanting more.

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