Cinderella, After the Ball or Just Keep Going

In this beautifully crafted memoir, Barbara Redzisz Hammerstein (a.k.a.”Basia”), tells the story of how, after being brought up on European fairy tales and American movies, she ultimately came to realize her “American Dream,” but not without its price. As a young immigrant girl, the author recalls not only the strangeness of a new land, but also the difficulty of dealing with the inevitable “misunderstandings” that accompany a foreign language and culture. Her talent as a singer and artist propel her through her teenage years, and strengthen her resolve to overcome all obstacles--including the groping hands of bosses and would-be suitors. Then, one very auspicious day, while working in musical comedy theatre on Broadway in the Fifties and attending Hunter College at the same time, she meets and subsequently marries her Prince Charming, Jimmy Hammerstein, the son of Oscar Hammerstein II. Many readers consider “Cinderella” an articulate, star-studded version of “The Feminine Mystique”.

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