HOLDUP NUMBER SIX, An FBI Novel Based on Actual Events

Cleverly written with the craft and zeal of a veteran storyteller, Warner has struck again- this time with a roller-coaster cops-and-robbers epic featuring the return of FBI Special Agent Cy Donovan who is given the ticket for tracking down a band of knuckleheads intent on robbing armored trucks or their couriers. Retailers are also at risk. It's 1988 in Atlanta when disgruntled Georgia state trooper Varnell Evins, nicknamed "Wheezy," takes to the wrong side of the law usurping his pledge to serve-and-protect with a brazen holdup of an armored truck at a bank. Undaunted by the risky venture, Wheezy goes about assembling a troupe of pinheads who follow his lead in five more loosely-coordinated holdups, each with escalating violence. Based on actual events, relive a story told by an author who worked the case and who, now, skillfully places the reader in the kitchen with the thugs as they plan, on the ground as they tussle, and in the car as they're chased by the FBI and a host of others in this heart-stopping thriller. The author does a masterful job blending fact with fiction in the planning and unfolding of the gang's sixth holdup necessitating the use of numerous investigative techniques coupled with FBI manpower from around the state in an attempt to stop Wheezy and his gang in their tracks. William J. Warner, has come of age, with this superbly written, thoroughly entertaining crime drama unveiling the much maligned personalities, in-articulate language, and outlandish performances of each character, told with tragic humor and tears of sorrow. Tempers explode among the villains in their quest for cash while tensions mount for Cy Donovan and his task force. Twists and turns evolve into a graduating crescendo in the end with a page-turner finish and missing money. Will the loot ever be recovered?

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