And the World Asked Me To Dance

“All of life is a dance, a perfect choreography of Spirit. We each make our own unique moves in this dance of life. I make the choice to join in the glorious dance of life!” This book is about my REALITY. The Reality of Life from my perspective teaches us that as each new day dawns, we have new selections to make that will mold us into the human being that we choose to become. This book is about change and choice, new beginnings, the CYCLES OF LIFE! The message that was set in our subconscious minds at that time was “watch out – when things look good the other shoe will drop”! It took years to become aware of this belief in my subconscious mind to allow me to let go of it. Life does not have to follow this rule-only if we let it. Once when I was eight years old and visiting a farm with my grandfather, I looked into the big brown eyes of a lovely horse very closely and was certain that I was drowning in the beautiful brown eyes of my mother. It felt to me that she was showing her love for me. My belief in someone BIGGER has always been with me. That day it seemed more real than ever as I looked into the eyes of that horse and saw so much more. A growing and expanding consciousness was beginning. Whereas before it felt like I was living in a Cinderella fairy tale as the poor stepdaughter, now I became a princess overnight with my grandparents. They could not do enough for me; most especially by loving me. Life had begun for me and it was GOOD!

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