The Lifers, The Dmitry Chronicles - Part I

In the wake of leaving behind a life of purpose, dignity and somewhat misled honor, Dmitry Paige finds himself mentally gearing up for the unknown. Much like many members of the "your services are no longer needed, the soon to be Air Force veteran withholds a wide range of emotions as he returns home from his duty of obligation. We all have come to these life's crossroads of closing one chapter and not knowing what the next will have in store for us. Dmitry knows he wants to have a moment where structure will not burden him, as the search for a new purpose will arise.

Instead of being gifted with initial choice, Dmitry becomes forced into an unexpected world that no one, let alone himself could fathom existed in the same walk of life that he lived. From one structured world to his new involuntary atmosphere, the pressure of choice engulfs his every step and thought. It compromises the engraved values bestowed unto him. To indulge or not to indulge. 

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