One Life, One Chance, the Chronicles of Our Adventure-Cation -Part 1 of 2

Not all who wander are lost . . . What do you want to do before you die? Over three months in, and thousands of miles away from home and multiple countries conquered, the A Liquid World boys are still aimlessly wandering the globe living out their wildest dreams. The notion hadn't changed. Discover the most unique cultures and outrageous parties, mix in some world-renowned surf, and uncover the world's beauty firsthand. Their extreme adventure was in full motion and the five small town guys from Florida were aboard the crazy train headed straight for the unknown. After absorbing the sweltering sun and cool coconut rum tropical Fiji, and uncovering the majestic wonders of New Zealand, they finally move on from a comfortable life they would have had no problem falling into forever. With much lighter backpacks and even lighter wallets they boarded another plane. Their next destination was Australia, with Southeast Asia and Europe following sometime after. Living life to its fullest, they took their half empty pockets and began another nomadic quest for the world's most exciting and random adventures...success would not take long. Ryan Williams With stories from Eric Stinson, Ian Joiner, Jesse Albritton, and Josh Ross Other title: One Life, One Chance - Part 1 ***About the Author*** Ryan Williams is an American Travel addict who has found his passion in telling the insane stories of his world conquests. He has sold off worldly possessions and bankrupted himself on multiple occasions just for the pure satisfaction of wandering aimlessly around the world and exploring all of the wonders it has to offer. From playing professional baseball in Europe to exploring over 30 countries in 6 continents, people have always been fascinated by picking the mind of Ryan, curiously and excitedly asking for the wild and hilarious stories of worldwide adventures. Now his memories are on paper for all to take part and share in the laughter and love of the world and its great unknown.

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