"I am Not a Hippopotamus, I am a Little Girl"

The Lyndee's "Come With Me Series" is adventures in a child's formative years. The experiences of life growing up in a family of seven children, being taunted by siblings, other children and adults because of my size only dampened my outlook about myself for a moment. I was sad and cried but the hurts were stored inside and a smile returned. The 99 on Lyndee's clothes is a reminder of a time in life when my Mother purchased a pair of jeans for me from a Thrift Store with the number 99 on the pocket of the jeans. I worked in the fields picking strawberries when I was six years old and wore my 99 jeans regularly. The other workers began calling me 99. I would smile thinking to myself that they must really like to give me such a special name. Thanks for joining me and sharing with the children of the world Lyndee's "Come With Me Series." "Come with me on my next adventure ...The Croker Sack Bunny."

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