The Joy of Giving is the Joy of Living, Betty Schoenbaum A Life Remembered told to Gus Mollasis

There is something about her- this woman named Betty Schoenbaum -that when you are in her presence makes you feel so gosh darn good - kind of like the feeling you get when you receive a treasured gift. Truth is - Betty Schoenbaum is a treasured gift to all those who have been in her presence in her more than 100 years on this planet. Poets, playwrights, historians and philosophers often fall short with mere words when describing the great lives of great people. Betty Schoenbaum is a great person who has lived a great life and in her words, "a blessed life." Having just celebrated her hundredth birthday, Betty Schoenbaum recounts and looks back at her wonderful life in this heartwarming memoir. Not surprisingly once again - Betty wants to give something back. In sharing the vignettes, wits and wisdoms of a full life lived - she hopes that everyone will learn her secrets to joy and happiness -something the great lady describes as ineffable joy - "joy beyond description." She credits her good fortune to having a positive light filled outlook in which she seeks, finds and embraces every moment she's been given on earth. With every person she finds the beauty; with every situation she finds a cup that is half full. The result - a life that has been filled with countless blessings. This amazing woman is driven to action by a positive attitude and good humor that has unleashed her tremendous philanthropic heart. Through charity she's impacted thousands of lives in a positive way. Spreading hugs, joy and wisdom to everyone she meets. Emboldening many worthwhile causes including countless educational scholarships and programs; help for the underprivileged and major contributions to the arts and culture - Betty's good works can be felt in the four corners of her world, Ohio, West Virginia, Sarasota, Florida and support for her beloved Israel. She's famous for her "Heart to Heart Hug" - her contribution in making the world a better place with her philosophy -"one hug at a time to replace all the hate in the world with Love." Still even with a life time of philanthropic efforts, she will tell you that her greatest accomplishment and the one she is most proud of - is her part in creating her large and loving family with her beloved Alex - that include four children, Ray, Jeffry, Joann and Emily and scores of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Betty Schoenbaum - she's hard to describe in a word or even with thousands of words. But the feeling she gives you, the world and everyone she comes in contact- well that's easy. Ineffable joy! Hers is a great life exemplified in words and actions she's lived by- "The joy of giving is the joy of living." Herein is Betty's story - truly a hero's journey.

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