Love Life Laughter, Today's Poetry for Today's People

Writing was always good for me, thanks to Mrs. McGowan, my 10th grade English teacher. She said that she liked them and that I should keep writing. As a teenager, I'd climb to the top of a favorite tree and write poems. Yep. Up in the tree with a pen and paper. The birds were scared but the squirrels didn't mind. Writing was a big part of my law practice, too. And after my divorce in 1990, tsunami of poetry came rushing out.

With my girlfriend-wife, Sue, I learned what really deep, abiding love feels like. Most of the Romantic poems were written about/for Sue.

Granite-strong fatherly pride was provided by my three adult kids: Mat (only 1 "t" because I didn't know how to spell Matthew when the nurse asked me: "What's the baby's name?") and two lovely identical twin daughters, Bethany and Kelly (by order of appearance).

Along with the poetry came singing, from church choir to Clevland Opera in four years; then, songwriting to add deeper meaning to some of the poems.

Poetry and music have taught me that if you can touch one person's spirit, soul, heart it's all worth it. Smiles are free. God has provided you with a lifetime of love. Pass it around.

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