Run-Jump-Throw, Track and Field

Keep track of your numbers!

Color as you go, go, go!

Lynda has taught pre-school and kindergarten for over thirty years. She loves teaching and always found ways to turn hers and her family's activities into learning experiences. Always on the lookout for teachable moments, Lynda found them in her husband, children and grandchildren. Now retired, Lynda resides in Florida. She continues to find ways to inspire and encourage children to play and to always be on the lookout for teachable moments every day. George was Lynda's husband.

He was an illustrator, photographer, painter and cartoonist - an artist. He traveled the Globe with the Army and found inspiration for his art from the bizarre to the most familiar - his family and their daily lives, including their sports activities. With a creative eye towards his subject, George gave life to Lynda's teaching materials through his illustrations.

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