“Incarceration is a taut thriller of powerful writing and poignant characters, from the grieving widower who teaches prison inmates, to the mysterious new convict and his beautiful wife, to the biker gang members who haunt Ontario’s windswept lake country. This suspenseful debut novel exudes authenticity while delivering chills of surprise. “ – Barbara Kyle, Best-selling author of the Thornleigh Saga - Struggling with grief and loneliness after losing his wife in a tragic accident, Jonah Smithers, an English teacher at Fern Hill Penitentiary, finds that his students’ misfortunes make them kindred spirits. But one day a charismatic inmate walks into Jonah’s class who seems strangely out of place. Seymour Shields is serving time for threatening the life of a Hells Angel, but he’s an intellectual, a gifted writer. When Jonah comes across a photo of Seymour’s beautiful wife, Kate, his curiosity about her and her enigmatic husband becomes an obsession. Seymour’s sophistication seems too good to be true, and Jonah wonders: has this student’s incarceration somehow been contrived- and, if so, for what purpose? Jonah visits Kate, hoping she can provide some answers, and is immediately drawn to her vulnerability. As his relationship with Kate intensifies, the dark truth about her husband emerges – and Jonah is drawn into terrifying web of duplicity and deceit from which there is no apparent escape. Incarceration follows Jonah’s journey – a test of strength and loyalty that will take him from the razor-wire of Fern Hill to the hidden reefs of Georgian Bay and beyond.

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