Practical Greening, the Bottom Line on Sustainable Property Development, Investment and Financing

"Molly McCabe's Practical Greening offers a solid overview of the tools with which investors can incorporate sustainability analysis into their daily practice, and a survey of the vital reasons - new regulatory environments, changing consumer demands, more efficient uses of resources -why they should. Case studies illustrate tactics and strategies, and clear and pointed toolkits will help investors know the right questions to ask on topics ranging from building certification, to retrofitting, to alternative income streams. On every topic, the focus is on how to make investment decisions sharper and more forward-looking. This is a very useful book." ~David Wood, Director Initiative for Responsible Investment Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organization Harvard University "If you are looking to introduce yourself to sustainability and commercial real estate, this is the ideal book you need. If you are already on track with what is changing the real estate industry, this book will help your colleagues catch up to you. Written by someone who understands sustainability from a commercial lender's and investor's view point, Molly's real estate finance experience and LEED AP rating allows her to provide a framework to put this trend into a usable context for business use. The examples are clear, current and easy to understand, demonstrating how value is created. Not all components of the industry have embraced the change to looking at commercial real estate via sustainable measures, but this is a very helpful roadmap for those on the journey and those planning the trip." ~William G. Lashbrook III, Senior Vice President, PNC Real Estate Vice Chair, New Jersey Chapter US Green Building Council

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