Hope, Vision & Value Creation, Based on Lessons Learned in Housing Cycles, Community Development and Residential Design

The community development and home building industry is in the midst of a severe economic recession. Would you like to participate in accelerating the recovery by three to four years? Most of us will answer that question with a resounding "Yes!" We all want to go back to work, fully engaged in creative, productive, and profitable projects, while achieving desirable results doing what we do best ...creating great places for people to live. This is what Hope, Vision & Value Creation is about; hope that we can soon begin the recovery, a vision to see the markets to serve, and the imagination to design the products that create value and make a profit. My purpose in writing this book is to identify market niches, create communities and homes to satisfy people's needs and wants, get the financial community to back our projects, and again, thrive and prosper. "Hope, Vision and Value Creation" challenges the originators of tomorrow's communities to pause and reflect on what has gone on before so that the newer communities of tomorrow reflect the wants, needs and expectations of our future homeowners." Melinda Masson, CEO MERIT Property Management "It is through his visions that John is able to create the next evolution of products and communities that people want and value. He is the Steve Jobs of our industry, always pushing always ahead of the curve. As a developer of master planned communities, John's insights and lessons have been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Hope, Vision and Value Creation to anyone interested in the future of community development and homebuilding." Chris Yelich, Principal, Brooks Street

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