By Way of Kensal Green

This memoir is dedicated to and written for all our children and grandchildren by a man who was Dad, David, and Pop-pop. He was a man who believed in pursuing an interest to a point as close to perfection as he felt he could attain, then moving on to the next. He lived life to the fullest and has now moved on. From Mastuxet and Princeton, to Gardner Lake, Aeropagus and Thalassa with stops in Pontrieux, my dear husband is on his way to Paradise by way of Kensal Green. 

Some say the mark of a truly good person lies in their ability to positively influence those around them. Knowing David for 30 years, I know this to be not merely reflective of repeated glimpses into many moments of his life, but seemingly the essence of his very being. Many knew Davide by the various titles he held, most notably husband, father, "Pop-Pop" and sage advisor, but I knew him best as "friend," unconditionally and unwavering. Being aware of the humanity of David and of us all, I know he couldn't possibly have been perfect, but you know, right now I honestly can't think of one flaw in this, a life well-lived. I hope that those closest to him are comforted by the many memories he left us, and strive to live a purposeful life as he did. Goodbye my friend, until we meet again. - Brian 

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