Life in Lane 8, Swimming? More Than Exercise

What do human barracudas, youngsters, and day-glow aerobics buffs have to do with a lumpy 55-year-old sidelined by a back injury? Life in Lane 8 illustrates how these contacts help propel the author out of the door and into a new world. Swimming happens to be the vehicle in this true story, but timely action is the pervasive theme. The three-year adventure unfolds via dialog, anecdotes, and snippets of philosophy that are at once funny, sad, filled with frustration, and buoyed by joy. Roadblocks encountered speak to problems and fears that might keep any sofa-dweller from taking the first step back into life. No super-competitors needed here. The author could be in the next lane of a swimming pool. She is convinced that anyone at any age can need to be an athlete, or a writer, or ... JUST GET ON WITH IT!

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