Joy in the Morning, A Spiritual Guidebook for your Journey

You will experience God's presence and power to transform your daily life into an explosion of joy-filled living. Sometimes on the road of life you need a companion. Joy in the Morning is an interactive guidebook-a unique mixture of personal narrative, Scripture inspired letters of encouragement and reflection guides in which the author urges the reader to connect to themselves, to others, and to the presence of God within and around us all. With no surefire rules or formulas to lead you to your destination, the journal will prompt you to record your insights and challenge you to serious reflection to discover your own unique pathway to spiritual growth. Explore your strengths and navigate the potholes in the road in an empowering and positive way. On your exciting journey of self-exploration, you are never alone. Allow Jesus to speak to you through the pages of your journal as a trusted friend traveling with you on your Road to Emmaus.

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