Halcyon Days, Life's Journey

Bottle Tree


A bottle tree is a pillar of beauty

So simple in its utility

All shapes and colors

Giving tranquility for every fellow

Each bottle has a story if they could only speak to us



As we go through life without a fuss

A post of memories a bottle tree

Some have travelled far with me

White and clear, blue and brown

Red and green, from every town

They point upside down

While hanging quiet and calm

Some were poor, some were fine

Some held whiskey, some held wine


Some from the present, some from the past

All interesting shapes of glass

Plump and round, long and thin

I've saved them from the recycling bin

Their contents consumed for many reasons

To keep me warm or cool in all the seasons

Saw my first in Dowery Creek Marine

A tribute to a man I'd never seen

As time goes by

I hope it'll stay after I die

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