A Poetic Journey Through Life, a collection of poems reflecting the stages of life

A Poetic Journey rough Life is a collection of poems broken down into groups: • A concise overview of each stage of life. • Focusing on old age realities noted by one with firsthand experience • A succinct portrayal of frustrations that most driver’s encounter every day • News media censured - report only facts – let us form our own opinions • Hurricane victim walks through each stage for others’ future reference • Enhance relationship with others by adjusting our own little quirks • Love – a look at important ingredients of true love. • Biblical teachings about life a er death, following the theme of Jerry Vornholt’s prior books, e Wounds of Grief and To Be Continued in Heaven. Be sure to also read the epilogue where the author re ects on his own childhood as the source of inspiration for the very last section of this book, which he has titled very simply, “Remnants”. “Jerry Vornholt brings a loving and present God into every area of our lives. He writes with beautiful, teaching, and pertinent words. His poetry is lovely.” Dottie Rexford Award Winning Author of Cora Pooler.

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