Champions Way, Inspiring Stories from the Journeys of Hometown Champions

When the town of Venice, Florida, average age of 69, produced three high school teams of State Champions and three individual State Champions in one academic year, followed up by three more team State Champions the next year, they knew something magical was happening, and it was not coming from the Fountain of Youth or the sparkling waters of the Gulf. They knew they had found a way to create champions. They knew that champions are made, not born. That is good news because it means we all have the ability to become a champion in our own chosen field of endeavor.

Champions Way examines the journeys of everyday folks of all ages who have become champions. Inside you will follow the varied paths of a tight end drafted by the Buffalo Bills; a legendary Barnum and Baily aerialist; an award- winning journalist and cancer survivor; Hall of Fame coaches; and State Champion athletes. After each chapter lies an opportunity to apply the insight and motivation of these champions to your own life, so that you, too, can finally reach your goals. This book is a game changer for anyone who dreams of living the life of a champion. 

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