Escape from Was

Escape from Was, a road for Being, Doing and Having... What if? You Can! What if you are so powerful you can have anything you decided to be passionate about show up in your life? What if you don't just sit around and wait for your intentions to show up? What if you trust yourself to know that the right actions will occur to you and that from these actions, you will create a life worth living? Well, all of that sounds just peachy, but get real!! We live in the "Land of Was" where what if doesn't exist. You have to escape from WAS to live the life of your dreams. Locked inside this book is the escape plan to help you do just that. Escape from Was will take you on a journey of discovery, possibility, and action. Part 1: A modern day fable about how we end up in survival mode and stuck in the Land of Was. Part 2: Presents real life principles to guide you as you create the life of your dreams right now. Part 3: A 30-day workbook and action plan, co-authored by Mickey McQuaid, to get you moving forward so that your desired results show up now.

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