Winter's Last Rose

An imperfect life left Rose on the run from a haunting past. Unable to accept the tarnished image of herself, she flees under a new identity to the small town of Briar Glen where she finds an engaging grin, and strong arms. Squire Brodie McBride is a handful in himself. A past including gin parlors and seedier involvements are now eclipsed by God's good word. A man with a determined disposition, Brodie tries to learn what secrets this new stranger in town hides from, while trying to earn her trust before she flees once again. On the run from many demons, not in the biblical sense, Rose slowly learns to enjoy her charming host and his equally engaging family and friends. However a blossoming affection is tempered by a wicked soul that wants to destroy her. All will be revealed, but only if our imperfect Rose understands she is perfect in God's eyes.


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