Winter Harvest

Bestselling Romance writer, Dana Winter, collides with Buck Bannister, widower and influential cattleman, who threatens her self-imposed ban on men. Two words define her reluctance to become involved with Buck. Beware and Dangerous. Dana douses the attraction and determines to keep the persistent cattle rancher at a distance. Buck refuses to accept Dana's denial of interest in his advances and pursues her with the intent of possession in mind. Dana arrives at her Aunt Lil's cattle ranch in Colorado battered by loss, a failed marriage, and scandal. She rejects the potential of another damaged relationship. Buck's twelve-year-old daughter, Josie, does not welcome another woman in her father's life and becomes the main source of conflict. Aunt Lil, no stranger to loss and tragedy, knows what Dana needs to heal. Her acceptance and love spurs Dana to overcome the consequences of her past. As Dana meets new people and becomes involved in the community, she realizes poor choices can alter the course of one's life. This revelation changes Dana's outlook and writing. Winter Harvest is a story about flawed people who find forgiveness and redemption, and follows one woman's journey to acceptance, wholeness, and new love.

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