Welcome to Skunk Hollow, A Rocky Malone Adventure

It’s been said that growing up in East Chicago in the 1950s is a challenge for any family. The Malones, like many residents in the big city, have been looking for a change and a fresh start. In late summer, Buzz answers an ad in a local newspaper and within a few weeks the Malones pulled up stakes and are on their way to a small town in South Dakota. Young Rocky soon discovers that his parents’ investment and this move is not the dream he had in mind. His dad has purchased two old, run-down buildings smack-dab in the middle of a very old and depressing town. Rocky is sure that the town is probably haunted and a number of residents, including the mayor, are up to no good. Join Rocky and his five new friends as they begin to uncover and solve the mysteries of Skunk Hollow.

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