Visit Taylor in the Alps of Switzerland, The Glowing Globe Series - Book One

Visit Taylor in the Alps of Switzerland Book One, The Glowing Globe Series A Series about a Brother and Sister, and their Magical Glowing Globe Tara and Thomas are soon to embark on a vacation adventure that will change their lives forever. They will be taking a family vacation to a small mountain town called Leadville, located in Colorado. Leadville even has its own website", so you too can visit this quaint little town. The website illustrates why their mom picked Leadville: she was looking for a very special location for the family to go skiing. It would be the first time skiing for Tara and Thomas, and she wanted to make it a great memory. The little town of Leadville is where it all began. This family vacation would change their lives forever, because they would leave with a magical gift that only Tara and Thomas would possess.

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