The Story of Tracker, a Series of Books

Tracker was the most devoted dog on the team, both to his family and to his work, but especially to his handler. - Bill Stulgis, Board of Directors, Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue The Story of Tracker is not only engaging, but it also teaches kids important lessons about bullying, relationships and respect. The added benefit of this book is that Tracker's story also teaches young readers that animals can enhance law enforcement capabilities and are a valuable asset to search and rescue teams. I applaud Pat Abrams for writing the tale of Tracker and for her dedication to children's literacy. - Sheriff Thomas M. Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Pat Abrams continues her lifelong commitment to public service with another terrific book. Tracker was not only a dedicated rescue dog, but he served as an excellent role model for teaching the importance of teamwork and the values of a good leader. Tracker's kindness, respect for others and the love for his family enabled him to see the good in others and help change the lives he touched for the better. We can learn much from Tracker by never letting ourselves be bullied, and surrounding ourselves with friends and family that we can trust to help us. - Michael J. Tobias, Fire Chief, Sarasota County Emergency Services In 1994, Joe and Patricia Abrams founded a search team called, Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team, Inc. in Sarasota Florida. This team was built on the premise of finding the lost, educating the community on safety, and working professionally side by side with all agencies to provide a successful outcome to all missions. The team has earned the respect and accountability from the state of Florida with many award accommodations. This book is written for the heroes of the team, the search dogs themselves. For without their courage and determination to serve humanity, people will not understand the bond between human and canine and what miracles will be produced to make a difference in the lives of families.

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