Unleash the Extraordinary You, Discover Secrets to Release Your Potential

This book is written to change your mentality, redirect you to the right path, and encourage you to see a world of possibilities. Here, you will learn that it is neither too early nor too late to dream big and pursue those dreams. Your current circumstances have nothing to do with your future. Your future is always intact and, to a large extent, only you can determine what happens. Get ready to learn things that will help you mold your life in such a way that nothing can stop you from achieving your life goals. This book will help you get up and do what you’ve got to do make your dreams come true. In words of wisdom Dr. Dorothy Shallua encourages you to see that it is time to begin to see who you really are; time to get something done. You have a dream, an idea, a vision that the world needs to see. You will be encouraged to conquer your fears, prejudices, and disbelief, and set on the path to a glorious future where success comes almost daily.

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