Bayocor Adventures, The Secret Cave

Bayocor, a four-month-old Labrador puppy, born in a pet store, is befriended by a wiley old tom cat named George who helps Bay get adopted into ten-year-old Jake's family. Bay's excited to learn everything about life outside his cage and bonds with Jake immediately, eagerly following his young master everywhere. Jake, a happy-go-lucky boy, can't wait to show his new buddy the cave he found in the forest into which his parents told him not to go. On their first day together, Jake takes Bay to the cave. The danger they run into shakes Bay's trust in his buddy and changes Jake's attitude about listening to his parents. Bayocor calls upon every skill a four-month-old Labrador puppy can muster to protect his master and bring them both home alive. Bay learns about confidence, and Jake learns a lesson about responsibility and telling the truth, but it comes at a cost to his puppy.

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