Two If by Sea

Treasure hunter Zane Alexander is close to finding the mother lode. For years, practically his whole life, he's been searching for the remains of the treasure of the infamous female pirate Anne Bonny. The clues have led him here to the Florida Keys, and just when he's close to digging up the truth the past falls in on him. Zane blames computer hacker Riley Hitchcock, whose arrival on Key West has thoroughly messed up his plans. Despite his wariness of this mysterious young woman from Seattle, Zane is mesmerized by her likeness to another pirate woman who was known to sail the Caribbean with Bonny nearly three hundred years ago. Due to current circumstances swirling with ghosts of the past, the two partner in search of a buried treasure which leads them from the Tortugas to Haiti. As Zane and Riley finally close in on the prize, piracy resurfaces. For one final heart-wrenching truth must be uncovered before the most famous pirates of the Caribbean can rest in peace once and for all.

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