Two by Knife

wo Stories - Two Mysteries In 'Second Chance', Jonathan Vaness, an account executive with an office on the eightieth floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, watches as a plane slams into the building on 9.11. He is in major debt to the mob from his illegal sports betting. His marriage is falling apart, and he just learned that he is being fired at the end of the week. The scenario he creates in the next few minutes especially after the South Tower is hit, is to disappear from his old life and move to Cape Haze, Florida with a new identity. Everyone will think that he was vaporized like hundreds of other victims in the horrendous terror attack. Eleven years later, Jonathan even with his new hair color and mustache, is recognized by someone from his old life. His only out, besides prison and death from the mob, is murder. In the next story 'Justice for Tracy', a billionaire's daughter is brutally slain in her upscale antique shop in Sarasota, Florida. Who killed her and why? The police are baffled. After two years of investigation, the police have given up hope, Christopher Day, a private investigator for the law firm of Constantine, Constantine and Fitzpatrick is hired by the billionaire to find his daughter's killer. To solve the murder, Chris is led down a road of infidelity, deceit and revenge. The plans the billionaire has for the killer of his daughter, makes for an exciting climax. The author can be reached:

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