The Third Testament

A man of mystery has been walking the streets of Manhattan for fifty-two years, never aging, never wanting, never needing, and never catching anyone's attention....until now. Seemingly responsible for an earthquake in Virginia, devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, and the horrific Caribbean Hurricane Kaitlin, he communicates with three carefully chosen individuals: the beautiful and empathetic Leslie Gold of Marietta, Georgia, the charismatic Father Arturo Gonzalez of Campeche, Mexico, and billionaire media-mogul Keith Roberts of Australia and New York City. What he tells them is chilling, and that only the three of them can do anything about it. A meticulously orchestrated and sinister European nuclear disaster and a volcano eruption in the Philippines convinces them of his identity and his power. Two years elapse and they believe they have met his challenge, one with possible violent and chaotic results. He tells them that he has made a judgment, that he has decided whether or not they have succeeded. Have they?

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