Azrael's Wrath, the Sequel to the Third Testament

Azarel's Wrath is the sequel to The Third Testament and the conclusion of the story. The beautiful and empathetic Leslie Gold of Marietta Georgia, the charismatic Bishop Arturo Gonzalez of Campeche, Mexico, and billionaire media-mogul Keith Roberts of Australia and New York City are again at the center of the story. They find themselves dealing with God's messenger, Azrael the Archangel of Death, who has been commanded to destroy humanity. Azarel's methods are ruthless and chaotic, and his plan is dark and sinister, as is his alliance with Lucifer. One of our three heroes emerges as a formidable adversary, armed with a newly-discovered ancestry that stuns the world. Does Azrael succeed, or is he thwarted by our hero?

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