The Revenge of Cabrakan, A Lorenzo's Rules Mystery

n a cool December morning, the body of an elderly Mayan shaman is found brutally murdered on the banks of the Rio Nimja on the outskirts of La Paz in the western highlands of Guatemala. Captain Manuel Gonzales goes to investigate the murder aided by local indigenous leader Lorenzo Batz. Soon, however, another body is found. It is that of a local politician who had warned that he might be killed. By Who? He had pointed the finger at Captain Gonzales who is immediately arrested for the crime. Lorenzo Batz, a local indigenous leader, comes to believe that the two murders are connected and have nothing to do with the Captain. But when his nephew Rafael is arrested as an accomplice and thrown in the same brutal prison as Captain Gonzales; Lorenzo, his wife Micaela, and their family are in a race to solve the murders before Rafael and the Captain are killed.

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