Lorenzo's Rules, Lord of the Ninth Underworld

Life in the small mountainous community of La Paz, Guatemala is shaken by a gruesome discovery. The remains of a visiting U.S. doctoral student are found on one of the community's holiest shrines. Furthermore, his heart has been ripped from his body, his skin has been stripped away, and his limbs are missing. Government officials are convinced that he was the victim of ritual murders by local shamans imitating the practices of the ancient Mayans, but Lorenzo Batz, a representative of local K'iche elders is not so sure. He is selected by ruthless ex-military Governor to investigate the murder and given a deadline. If Lorenzo is unable to find the killer within a week, the Governor will mobilize a military assault on the community. Accompanied by Captain Manuel Gonzales of the National Police, they enter the exotic and secretive world of the ancient Mayan religion which is inhabited by demonic gods, magic, and witchcraft.