Terror in a Troubled Land

MURDER, MAYHEM AND INTRIGUE TO GAIN POLITICAL ENDS TERRFIY THE ITALIAN POPULACE. PAOLO VALENTE STRUGGLES AGAINST P2, GLADIO AND THE MAFIA TO SOLVE A RASH OF BOMBINGS AND KILLINGS. HOW DID MASONIC LODGE P2 ACHIEVE SO MUCH INFLUENCE OVER ITALIAN INSTITUTIONS? What is Gladio? Was Pope John Paul I murdered? In 1980, a bomb exploded in the Bologna Train Station killing 85 and wounding over 200 people. Captain Paolo Valente of the Carabinieri sets out to learn who committed the atrocity. He comes to believe that the secret right-wing organizations, Gladio, and the Masonic bombing. He rigorously pursues this investigation in Rome, which proves frustrating and dangerous. His probing into Gladio and P2 unleashes acts of terrible retribution against his family and friends. Cover Illustration by: Jill Joli Wulkan

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