Mast Island

Panic gripped Abby Parson's chest and squeezed her heart as she left the attorney's office, his words chilling. The grandmother she had loved and trusted died unexpectedly, leaving her with a deceit so profound, it undercut all she believed. Who was the woman who reared her and said she was Abby's sole relation? Was I abducted, abandoned, or worse? Who am I? Trained by a master artist, A.S. Parsons is becoming a success in the art world when the mantle of anonymity wipes out her past. A mysterious box arrives, containing clues to her real identity, and Abby burns to find answers. This unexpected trove of information spurs her to search for relatives and closure. She finds her fictional life was concocted by two women, trying to save her from the people who murdered her family. Abby's quest leads her to Savannah, Georgia, and Mast Island, the ancestral domain of the DuMond family. Her presence on the island places her in peril. Noah Hazzard, a biologist researching marine life, warns Abby of danger. The heritage stamped on her face declares Abby an unknown DuMond and a possible threat to their empire. Abby dismisses his warning, until her life is threatened. Noah, a support professional with the FBI investigating the DuMond family, decides Abby needs his protection. Abby's journey is one of devastating loss and unexpected discoveries. Her appearance on Mast Island opens a door to family secrets, which leads to death and destruction. She becomes the catalyst, setting into motion the downfall and the redemption of a family imprisoned by the past. Other titles by Anne Nichols Reynolds, Winter Harvest and A Will of Her Own

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